Fire Systems, Inc. has created a family-focused foundation in their over 30 years of business. These years in the fire protection industry have taught lessons, cultivated relationships, and produced a company rock solid in the knowledge of all facets of fire protection. It’s also shaped a company cognizant of the vital roles of our employees.

Technicians, office staff, and the management team all work together with a single goal in mind: to be a comprehensive resource for everything in the fire protection industry with the experience and expertise to assist customer needs. Employees like Brooke carry out this mission on a daily basis.

From customer service to coordinating

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Brooke came to Fire Systems, Inc. in February of 2013 as a customer service representative. In her role as a customer service representative, Brooke was responsible for invoicing, setting up jobs, and taking customer calls. The role of customer representative is an important one for Fire Systems as these representatives are the individuals with which customers interact.

After several years in this role, it became apparent that Brooke’s proficiency for multi-tasking would make her a prime candidate for a fairly new role in the company.

Fire Systems created the role of Accounting Coordinator about a year ago. The prime goal of the role was to have a dedicated employee to oversee the accounts receivable and payable process. The role would also require several other responsibilities ideal for an employee like Brooke

Stepping into a new role

Brooke does a little bit of everything as Accounting Coordinator. Her tasks for account management include invoicing for all vendors/customers, accounts payable, purchasing for specific divisions, and collections for several large accounts. Her main duties include account management, but she is also responsible for the important task of managing large accounts with special circumstances that require more attention.

The ability to communicate is a vitally important skill in this role. Brooke communicates with a variety of people, from customers to fellow employees. In addition to communicating with customers and vendors on the accounting side, she also sets up service tickets and jobs.

Her ability multi-task and keep calm through the chaos is critical.

“I’ve always been a great multi-tasker, but I also keep a cool head when I start to get super busy,” explains Brooke. “I just put my head down and get to it because the work is not going to do itself. I try to focus on larger tasks one at a time so I can feel accomplished once it’s complete. Being in the service industry requires a lot of interruptions, so I just tackle those as they come.”

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Empowerment through freedom

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 Fire Systems employees are able to enjoy a sense of freedom that almost every employee notes as one of the best parts about working for the company. It’s something in which the company takes great pride. In fact, empowering employees and avoiding micromanagement are ranked as some of the top characteristics of the best companies in the world.

Brooke also finds that she flourishes in this environment of freedom and trust.

“What I enjoy most about working for Fire Systems is the freedom to handle my job responsibilities like an adult rather than being micro-managed. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you tackle a huge task or project by yourself rather than timelines being demanded from you,” says Brooke.

But it’s not just about allowing employees the freedom to manage themselves and set their own goals. The management team ensures that all employees hired, from technicians to inside personnel, have knowledge and experience in the fire protection industry and in which the position they are hired.

Hiring experienced employees makes the job of existing employees easier and operations run in a more smoothly manner overall.

Multi-tasking mom

Brooke’s task of management doesn’t end when she leaves work each day. She is also a busy mom of three (Malaki, age 9; Miya, age 7; Elijah, age 6) and wife of almost nine years to husband Kurtis.

Despite her busy work and home life, Brooke still finds time to relax. Some of her favorite hobbies include drinking wine, gardening, and hanging out with family

Fire Systems, Inc.

Fire Systems, Inc. is an “all-services” fire protection company. This means we can service and install fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, suppression systems, kitchen hoods, and vehicle systems. We even offer fire alarm monitoring.

We are leaders in the fire protection industry, with over 30 years as an Atlanta-based fire protection company.

Our team’s loyalty, dedication, and long tenure has earned Fire Systems, Inc. a reputation of integrity, dependability and experience. We have become a comprehensive resource for everything from design, engineering, installations, training, inspection and maintenance of nearly any fire equipment you may need or already have. No matter what your fire protection needs are, Fire Systems, Inc. has the experience and expertise to assist you.

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