Gary has spent almost two decades in the fire protection industry. With 14 of those years spent with Fire Systems, Inc., Gary is one of the greatest assets to the sprinkler division of Fire Systems.

As a result of his hard work in the field of fire protection, Gary is a valued employee who brings years of knowledge, experience, and extensive training to Fire Systems, Inc.

Coming home

Gary began working at Fire Systems in 2002 as a helper for the Special Hazards Engineered Division. In this position, he obtained his CDL and Special Hazards State License.

He was moved to the sprinkler division shortly after, also as a helper. In this role, he worked on inspections and installs. It was at this time that he started training for his NICET certification. Gary then became a fully certified fire sprinkler inspector with his Georgia State Inspectors License. Following his certification, Gary was also trained in backflow, a training administered by the GAWP (Georgia Association of Water Professionals).

After eight years of employment at Fire Systems, Gary left to work for a corporate fire protection company. At the new company, his role as Lead Inspector moved him into a management position.  However, he found the highly corporate environment quite different from Fire Systems. He decided that the change was not right for him or his values. “There were many changes happening at the corporate company that I did not agree with,” explains Gary.

When the opportunity to return to Fire Systems was made available, Gary returned to the company as Sprinkler Service and Inspections Manager.

Industry expertise

In his 17 years in the fire protection industry, Gary has devoted his time and energy to education and experience in the industry. From special hazards to sprinkler, he’s done a little bit of everything.  “I love working in the industry for the sheer fact in knowing that what I do potentially saves lives and protects other people’s assets,” said Gary.  This devotion shows through in his day-to-day work for Fire Systems.

Gary boasts a number of certifications and trainings that include NICET Level III Inspections and testing of water-based systems, NICET Level I Sprinkler Layout and Design, as well as State of Georgia Backflow Tester certifications.

As Sprinkler Service and Inspections Manager, Gary’s responsibilities include overseeing/reviewing inspection reports, assigning inspections, scheduling service work, hiring employees, and conducting new/updated training for sprinkler employees.

Foundation of family

The loyalty of a family-owned business with the wellbeing of their employees at heart is one Gary’s favorite aspects of Fire Systems.

“I enjoy the family environment at Fire Systems. Stan [the owner] goes above and beyond to make it that way and it shows,” says Gary. “Things like 401K investing and the dollars matched by Fire Systems, along with short-term and long-term disability provided and paid for by the owners, show just how much the employees are valued at Fire Systems, Inc.”

Gary’s devotion and work ethic can be seen in both his work at Fire Systems and in his personal life. Married to his high school sweetheart of 17 years, he and his wife have four children together. When not working, Gary enjoys playing with his children, hunting, scuba diving, and scouting. Community-driven, he is also an active member and Past Master of Woodstock Masonic Lodge #246.