Fire Systems, Inc. is currently working with a local distribution company to remedy a critical issue involving the facility’s water volume and pressure being too low for the occupancy-hazard. Our team has serviced this facility previously and were honored when the new building owners wanted to continue work with Fire Systems, Inc.

The Solution

After analyzing the situation, our team decided that the best way to solve the problem of low x`water volume and low pressure would be to install a new fire pump, pump room, heavy concrete foundation and water storage tank. This distribution facility spans over a million square feet and is fully operational, making it imperative to increase the water volume and pressure promptly to ensure the highest level of fire safety and protection for all employees and operations.

Facing Other Challenges

The exterior conditions were not ideal for installing the new fire pump, piping systems, and water tank, so our team, in cooperation with the planning authority, made the decision to install them inside of the facility.

We managed to do so using a minimal footprint, saving more room for regular business operations. 

Time was another issue that our team faced. According to Fire Systems Inc.’s Director of Sales, Rick, “This was a 12-month project normally. I made several calls and coordinated with our partners and suppliers and told the customer l could do it in 4 months.” The project was then completed with only minimal delay due to a nationwide concrete shortage.

About Fire Systems, Inc.

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