Two Fire Systems techs travelled to Buford, GA this past June to install a vehicle suppression system on a Volvo L260H Loader. This 35-ton wheel loader is typically used in mining applications. The project was completed for a longtime customer of Fire Systems known for providing a complete range of world-class equipment.

A trusted source

The install was requested by a local equipment dealer that sells Volvo machinery. Fire Systems has worked with this dealer for over 15 years. They trust Fire Systems to install vehicle suppression systems on equipment for their customers.

The company will typically receive an order from a customer to build a new machine. They will then contact Fire Systems to request a quote to install a fire suppression system on that particular vehicle. If the quote is accepted, the company contacts Fire Systems when the install is needed. Installs are usually completed by one tech over the span of two days, but in this case, the job was completed in one day by two techs.

Fire Systems can also inspect these systems in addition to installing. A piece of heavy machinery like a wheel loader needs inspection once at least every six months. Most manufacturers recommend inspection every 250 hours of run time, so depending on usage, inspections may be more or less frequent than once every six months.

Determining system type & size

The type and size of the system installed is typically based on the model of the machine and the application for which the machine will be used. Fire hazards vary by application and environment. Choosing the correct system type and size will ensure proper extinguishment of the fire and prevent reignition.

An Ansul LT-A-101-30 dry chemical with an LVS 5-gallon wet chemical vehicle fire suppression system with automatic and manual actuation was installed on the Volvo 260H Loader. This system was chosen for several reasons. Based on the application and vehicle type, in this case a wheel loader to be used for mining, fires can start as a result of fuel leaks, oil leaks, grease build-up, hose rupture, or overheated brakes. There are other reasons a fire may break out on one of these machines, but these are the most common. An A-101 dry chemical suppression system is designed for use on large construction and mining equipment. The system is an automatic or manual fire suppression system using FORAY dry chemical agent. An LVS 5-gallon wet chemical suppression system was also installed. This agent flows readily unto areas where flammable liquids may settle, proving both suppression and cooling. These systems work together to detect, suppress, and prevent re-ignition.

Fire Systems, a leader in vehicle suppression systems

Fire systems, Inc. has been doing vehicle fire suppression systems since their foundation in 1986. The company has an excellent group of technicians with more than 35 years of experience in servicing and installing these types of systems. Fire Systems is well known in the southeast for their experience and quality of work.

From installs to inspections, Fire Systems does it all. Call us today at 770-333-7979 or visit our website to find out more information on vehicle suppression systems and the solutions and services that we offer.