Fire safety protocol is essential in maintaining a safe, compliant, and comfortable workplace.

All fire protection systems are required to be inspected at least on an annual basis according to NFPA standards and local fire codes. Many systems require monthly inspections and maintenance to ensure proper functionality.

Staying on top of regular inspections, addressing potential issues, and making sure you have the most effective means of fire protection for your facility can be overwhelming.

Scheduling fire alarm, sprinkler, fire extinguishers, and any other parts of your fire protection system has advantages that can save time and money.

Save money on inspections

Bundled servicessaves you money. You’ll also get better pricing overall when your fire protection inspections are in sync.

First, you’ll avoid additional truck charges per vehicle. For example, every technician has the support from every division in terms of taking care of problems. This ease of communication mitigates costs the customers by reducing the labor of sending an additional tech from another division.

Second, you can avoid the minimum charge of $145.00 to send out a fire extinguisher technician for just two extinguishers. This is a major perk for customers with just a couple of extinguishers. Fire Systems can have a cross-trained fire alarm or sprinkler technician tag those extinguishers while they are on-site.

Lastly, scheduling fire protection inspections at the same time will save money on labor costs for any customer requiring a dedicated escort. It makes the most sense to dedicate personnel as a one-time escort rather than multiple times per year for different inspections. There are fewer disruptions to occupants of the building as well.

Easier scheduling & fewer disruptions

Syncing your fire protection inspections means easier scheduling and fewer interruptions. When you get everything done at once, you can better schedule around the time of your fire protection inspection and plan accordingly. This is especially beneficial to educational facilities that would prefer scheduling inspections around school hours.

Fire Systems won’t need to reach out multiple times throughout the year if all services are bundled together on the same day(s). With a single phone call, you can schedule your fire protection inspection and you’re set for the year – out of sight, out of mind.

With an all-services fire protection company like Fire Systems, you deal with one company for all fire protection services. We don’t hire sub-contractors. We are a family-owned business with a dedicated office staff to schedule inspections, installations, repairs, etc.

Efficient resolution of issues

There are many advantages when fire alarm and sprinkler techs are on-site at the same time, especially for troubleshooting.

All Fire Systems technicians have access to the managers and technicians from other divisions. For example, if a sprinkler tech runs into a fire alarm issue, they can call the fire alarm division manager. The issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

When multiple techs from different divisions work together, they come together to solve issues with integrated systems.

For example, several sprinkler devices like water flow switches and tampers are tied into the fire alarm panel. It’s beneficial to have a fire alarm technician on-site to make sure those come through to the panel without flaw. If there is a problem, the fire alarm tech can test it right there, potentially fixing a very small problem. The sprinkler tech would have to write up a return trip otherwise, costing more.

The Fire Systems Advantage

Don’t cut corners to save time and money on your fire protection services. Work with a fire protection company that works with you to provide the highest quality service with the best pricing and most knowledgeable technicians.

Fire Systems is an all services company. We offer our customers the option to bundle services. There are many advantages to building owners who choose to do this. Call us today at 770-333-7979 or visit our website for more information.