Sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems are almost always connected. Fire Systems, Inc. can inspect, repair, and monitor both systems in accordance with applicable NFPA codes for all types of industrial plants. Our cross-trained fire alarm and sprinkler technician teams will save you time and money by eliminating the coordination problems of dealing with multiple companies.

Advantages of using one company for your sprinkler and fire alarm inspection

It’s a good idea to coordinate your sprinkler and fire alarm inspections for several reasons:

  • More thorough inspections
    • Scheduling both inspections with the same company means you’ll have two field technicians on-site at the same time who are knowledgeable in sprinkler and fire alarm.
  • More accurate inspections
    • Having a coordinated sprinkler and fire alarm inspection lets you test devices that communicate with each other, together. For example, if there’s a problem with a fire alarm device, both technicians will be available to resolve any issues.

Advantages of using one company for sprinkler and fire alarm installation

When in need of installation of a sprinkler system and fire alarm system, consider some of the benefits of using the same company for both installations.

1. Efficiency: Both installations are coordinated so projects can be completed in a more timely manner.
2. Communication: Using technicians from the same company means that there’s already an established relationship, so any issues that arise will be easily handled.
3. Training: Safety training is normally required in some industrial plants when working on-site. Using the same company for fire and sprinkler ensures that both technicians are trained simultaneously.

Common problems that require technicians from both sprinkler and fire alarm division

Coordination between the sprinkler and fire alarm team is crucial whenever a problem with either system occurs because it can require technicians from both divisions to troubleshoot.

One of the most common problems that can occur is when the switches do not communicate from the sprinkler system to the fire alarm system. This could occur for several reasons:

  • low water flow
  • failure to activate a switch on time
  • a bad module in the fire alarm system
  • a bad module in the sprinkler system

Fire Systems, Inc. installs and inspects all types of sprinkler systems including wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, pre-action, foam, and water mist. We also inspect and install all types of fire alarms whether addressable or conventional. Call us at 770-333-7979 or visit our website to learn more.