According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),  there are nearly 38,000 fires at industrial and manufacturing properties a year, causing around $1.2 billion in property damage annually. Industrial facilities often house highly flammable equipment and materials. From malfunctioning heating elements to vehicle fires, electrical issues, and beyond, there are so many opportunities for fires to ignite in an industrial building. 

Fire Systems, Inc. knows the importance of creating a fire protection system that is perfectly suited for your facility. As an all services company, Fire Systems is your one-stop service provider for all things fire protection. Rather than hiring one company to manage your fire alarm system, one to install your sprinkler system, one to install your industrial fire suppressants systems, etc., you can count on Fire Systems for it all.

Sprinkler Systems

The four different types of water sprinkler systems approved by the NFPA for industrial settings include wet, dry, preaction, and deluge. Fire Systems, Inc. will help you determine the best type of sprinkler system(s) for your facility, then install and maintain it for you. It’s important to note that industrial facilities often have multiple types of sprinkler systems on-site. If your fire protection company cannot service all types, you’re going to be dealing with multiple companies. Fire Systems is an expert in all types of fire sprinkler systems.

Suppression systems

Just as every industrial facility is unique, so is every fire. Not all fires respond well to water. This creates the need for a special hazard fire suppression system that uses suppressant materials such as foam, ​​CO2, or clean agents such as FE-13, FM-200, Inergen, NOVEC 1230, and Sapphire to extinguish fires.

In addition to fire damage, it is also important to consider the damage that could occur to equipment in your facility due to water or any of the other fire suppressive agents. Our knowledgeable Fire Systems, Inc. team will take all of your equipment and machinery into account when selecting the best fire suppression system for your building(s).

Fire alarms

There are two main types of fire alarm systems: addressable and conventional. Whether your facility consists of one building or several, our highly trained Fire Systems, Inc. technicians are prepared to implement a top notch, code-compliant fire alarm system. By choosing Fire Systems for your fire alarm needs, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best possible protection, as the same knowledgeable team that designs, installs, repairs, and maintains your fire alarm system is monitoring your alarm system 24 hours a day.

Vehicle systems

For over 30 years, Fire Systems, Inc. has been recognized as the most competent company in the southeast for vehicle fire suppression installation and service. In the unfortunate event that a vehicle catches fire on your industrial facility property, these suppression systems put out fires quickly to protect the operator from injury, the vehicle from excessive damage, and help prevent fire from spreading. Our technicians are available 24/7 to recharge and repair vehicle fire suppression systems, minimizing the downtime of your equipment.

What Fire Systems, Inc. will do for you

Whether your industrial facility houses manufacturing equipment, commercial deep fryers, food processors, computer servers, or anything in between, Fire Systems can design, install, inspect, repair, and maintain every aspect of the perfect system to protect your space, providing you with the most comprehensive protection available. From initial design to routine inspections, our team will guide you through every step of the process. We also offer 24-hour fire alarm monitoring and can provide training on the proper use and maintenance of your new system. As an added bonus, our software system keeps track of when required inspections are due so you never miss an inspection.  

All of our work is performed by Fire Systems, Inc. technicians who are fully safety certified and will be donned with all required safety gear prior to entering your facility. Avoiding the use of sub-contractors gives us control of the service quality we’re able to provide, ensuring you get the very best.

Fire Systems, Inc. is an Atlanta-based fire protection company that’s been in business since 1986. If you have any questions about industrial fire protection systems, you can learn more on our website or give us a call today at 770-333-7979. We look forward to working with you!