The changing of the seasons can be a great reminder to take stock of all aspects of your building’s fire protection system. From sprinkler systems to fire alarm systems and beyond, there’s a lot that goes into protecting your building. Using a “spring cleaning” checklist for the fire protection systems in your building can be a helpful tool to make sure everything is in good, working order.

Consider these items when assessing your building’s fire protection system this season.

Fire Sprinkler System

A simple visual inspection of the nozzle heads on your fire sprinkler system can be a really helpful first step when assessing the condition of your sprinkler system. You might not be able to see the interior of your sprinkler system but you can see the exterior.

If you see any exterior damage or missing parts, it’s time to call your fire protection company. Not sure what to look for? Ask your fire protection company or look it up if you have it on record, the type of sprinkler system for which your building is equipped. Look up images of how the nozzle heads should look so you can note any differences.

As a reminder, never hang anything from nozzle heads and never block nozzle heads.

Fire Alarm System

Does your current fire alarm system offer you the level of protection you want and need? Do you have to deal with frequent false alarms? Is your fire alarm panel as user friendly as you’d like? If your building’s current fire alarm system isn’t cutting it, take the time to make a change this season. New technological advances in fire alarm systems means more options than ever to protect your building and offer the exact level of protection and functionality you may be looking for.

If you’re happy with your current fire alarm system, take this time to check that your system is up to date on inspections and does not need any repair. Check the batteries in your control panel and make sure all pull stations and other notification devices are in good working order. Remember, your building’s fire alarm system should be inspected and tested at least once a year per NFPA standards.

Fire Suppression System

Just as with your building’s sprinkler system, a visual inspection of all your portable fire extinguishers is an important step in assessing the functionality of your fire protection system.

A few things to check with your visual inspection:

  • Extinguishers are easily accessible and visible and not obstructed
  • There are no signs of physical damage such as corrosion, damaged or missing nozzle, or corrosion
  • Pressure gauge reading is in operable range
  • Extinguisher has not been used
  • Safety seals and tamper indicators are in working order and not missing
  • Overall exterior of canister is in good condition, complete with inspection tag that is facing outward and clearly visible

Finally, be sure that your inspection is scheduled for the year if it’s not already been completed.

Kitchen Suppression System

If your building is equipped with a kitchen suppression system to protect a commercial kitchen area, know that regular cleaning and inspection is a must. Outside of the required professional inspections that should be occurring at least twice a year, consider taking this time of year to complete your own safety check.

A few things to look for include:

  • Grease and clogs
  • Damaged or missing nozzle caps and extinguishing lines
  • Any exterior damage or missing portions of your systems

How often should you clean your kitchen hood, nozzles, and filter? It’s recommended that these portions of your suppression system should be cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis depending on kitchen use.

And remember, never move around appliances and/or kitchen equipment without first consulting your fire protection company. The placement of your kitchen’s suppression system is tailored to the set-up of the kitchen and what it needs to protect. Take this time to also check the layout of your kitchen.

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