When it comes to fire extinguishment, efficiency is everything. You need a fire sprinkler system in place that is fast, efficient, and thorough. There are many types of fire sprinkler systems. Your individual facility and hazard will determine the type of fire sprinkler system installed.

The technology in the field of fire sprinkler systems is vast and growing as manufacturers find better and more efficient ways to protect buildings. This past year, a number of leaders in the fire sprinkler industry have developed products that could make your building’s fire sprinkler system even more effective.

Updated ESFR sprinkler heads

 Early suppression, fast response sprinklers are quick responding, high volume sprinkler systems that provide exceptional protection for high piled storage occupancies. ESFR systems are designed to suppress fire through the discharge of a large volume of water directly at the fire to reduce the heat release rate. These types of systems are installed at the ceiling and deliver larger droplets of water than traditional sprinkler systems.

ESFR systems vary from traditional sprinkler systems in a few ways, namely speed, volume of water, and size of water droplets. ESFR sprinkler heads have a faster response time and output 100 gallons of water per minute as opposed to 25 or 30 gallons per minute of conventional nozzles.

Viking Automatic Sprinkler Co. just released a new ESFR product: the ESFR Pendent Sprinkler (K28). This new system is designed to use less water for more protection. In a press release from the company, Viking also announced an enhanced FM approval for their K28 ESFR sprinkler that allows for the protection of 50-foot storage facilities with much less water.

K28.0 sprinklers can provide flexibility of fire protection designs and eliminates the use of in-rack sprinklers when protecting high piled storage of certain specified materials to certain ceiling heights.

New sprinkler attic heads

Attic sprinklers are designed to provide superior protection in attic spaces. Sprinkler heads designed for this specific application have varying features and capabilities than conventional sprinkler systems. These specialty systems provide extended coverage to protect combustible and non-combustible attic spaces from fire. Attic systems require fewer sprinklers and branch lines to protect most attic spaces, making them very cost-efficient and affordable.

Viking has a new attic sprinkler head on the market. The K 5.6 upright model is designed to protect various roof pitches. The 5.6 K-factor models also feature lower flows and pressure compared to other competitive products. These heads can be installed with either steel or CPVV piping.

Also by Viking, the newly FM approved K25 upright sprinkler (VK598) is intended for use in dry or pre-action systems to protect Class I-III commodities with storage heights of up to 40 feet in warehouses as high as 45 feet without the need for additional in-rack sprinkler protection. The major perk of this sprinkler head is that it allows customers to eliminate rack systems and use this head in overhead sprinkler system for high storage. This means reduction in overall cost and increase in racking flexibility.

More efficient deluge valve

Deluge sprinkler systems deliver a large quantity of water over a large area in a short period of time. They are more complex systems with more components than wet or dry sprinkler systems.

Deluge valves are part of a deluge sprinkler system, used in conditions that require quick application of large volumes of water. These powerful systems are typically used in applications that involve the protection of transformers, tanks containing combustibles, or process areas containing substances with a low flash point. Some advantages of deluge systems include their cost and use of water as extinguishing agent. However, this also means possible damage to sensitive or electronic equipment and a more involved clean-up process than with other system types.

Tyco, one of the market leaders in deluge systems, has a new model on the market: the DV-5 Deluge Valve. This valve features higher pressure ratings and lower pressure drops. It’s a simple design with easy installation and maintenance, as well as a smaller footprint with reduced trim sizes and a flat back side. Water can travel further at specified system pressure and with only one moving part, there’s less to go wrong in operation.

Premixed antifreeze solution

Just like your pipes at home, the piping network of wet sprinkler systems can also experience freezing. Antifreeze solutions prevent this from occurring. Tyco has a newly listed UL product  that meets all NFPA requirements. Called LFP Antifreeze, this pre-mixed freeze protection solution is designed and listed for use in wet fire sprinkler systems. This solution is designed for systems subject to freezing temperatures that can cause damage to equipment or affect the proper function of the system. Because it is pre-mixed, there’s no guessing on the mix rate.

LFP Antifreeze remains liquid in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit and will immediately discharge from the sprinklers followed by water from the water supply when needed. Using this solution eliminates the delivery delay times associated with dry pipe systems.

Easy install single-bolt coupling

On a fire sprinkler system, couplings are what connects two things together (i.e. pipes, valves, and any other devices with grooved ends). There are other fittings or accessories that connect to the sprinkler piping system, typically with couplings, that either change the direction water flows, change pipe sizes or types, act as an outlet, or stop the movement of water.

Tyco has a single-bolt design coupling called the Grinnell® G-Fire One-Bolt Coupling that features a low-profile spine for tighter spaces and a pre-lubricated center-stop gasket. It also comes pre-assembled for push-on installation. With this single-bolt design, there is no alternate tightening making for a more efficient install. There are also fewer components to lose during install.

Fire Systems, Inc.

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After considering each client’s needs, we recommend a code-compliant and reliable fire sprinkler system that provides the highest level of fire safety possible. We then guide you from the initial design and installation processes all the way through the fire alarm inspections to ensure your sprinkler systems are always fully functioning and code compliant.

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