Wired fire alarm systems have been the industry standard for decades. Wired systems, however, can be problematic because of the price, unsightly wiring, and reliability of the system.

Wireless fire alarm systems have been in the works since the 1980s. Since their inception, the technology has only become more affordable and reliable. Wireless fire alarm systems not only offer solutions to the problems of wired systems; they will soon be the standard for all fire alarm system monitoring.

What is a wireless fire alarm system?

Wired fire alarm systems use cabling to transmit signals between devices and the system’s control panel. In order for a wired fire alarm system to be monitored, the system has to have two analog phone lines.

Wireless fire alarm systems replace the need for two phone lines with a unit that acts as a cell phone. Just like WiFi, wireless fire alarm systems transmit their signals through a radio frequency. Monitoring wireless systems involve a wireless mesh network that transmits information from receivers into the main control system.

Benefits to business

In the initial implementation of wireless fire alarm systems, cost and reliability kept some businesses from switching to wireless system.

The good news is as technology has developed, the cost of wireless systems dropped and reliability has increased. Some phone companies are even increasing the prices of monitoring for wired fire alarm systems as they try to get rid of analog lines.

Wireless fire alarm systems are:

  • Simpler to install with minimal downtime
  • Easier to maintain (only need to change batteries in devices and maintain annual inspections of the system)
  • More reliable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Versatile for businesses with multiple buildings on-site
  • More cost-effective long-term
  • Able to be easily relocated if needed

How to choose a wireless fire alarm monitoring company

The National Fire Code likely requires 24/7 monitoring of your building’s fire alarm system. Choosing a company to monitor your wireless fire alarm system is just as important as the system itself. Whether you need monitoring for an existing system, or are looking to install a new system, choose your fire protection company wisely.

Fire Systems, Inc. offers an IP communicator that can communicate directly over an existing network using the internet. Unlike many other fire protection companies with a one-size-fits-all approach to monitoring, we offer a variety of solutions to fit your businesses’ needs.

Fire Systems will also be notified of any reported alarms or trouble indications on your fire alarm system which hastens our response time. Using Fire Systems, Inc. to monitor and inspect your systems creates a seamless transition in communication. Our monitoring rates are very competitive, and migration is quick and easy. Call us today at 770-333-7979 or visit our websitefor more information.