The State of Georgia Insurance Commissioner and the State of Georgia Fire Marshall’s Office require that all fire sprinkler systems are inspected at least once a year.

In accordance with code laid out in NFPA 25, upon inspection of a fire sprinkler system, a Georgia licensed fire sprinkler inspector will tag a system with a green, yellow, or red inspection tag.

These inspection tags let Fire Marshals know if a fire sprinkler system is within compliancy and in good working order. Think of these tags as a “clean bill of health” for fire sprinkler systems.

What do the colored inspection tags indicate?

Each colored inspection tag signifies the current status of a fire sprinkler system. Green tags are systems in good working order, while yellow and red tags indicate need for repair.

  • Green inspection tag – system is in full compliance with the appropriate NFPA standard.
  • Yellow noncompliance inspection tag – system found with items of noncompliance, but still in a state of operational readiness. System may be out of compliance with appropriate NFPA standard.
  • Red impairment tag- system is impaired and non-operational, causing the system to be out of service and out of compliance with NFPA standards.

Yellow tags require that a letter of noncompliant conditions be sent to the building owner/authorized representative within five days of the inspection.   

Red tags require a letter of emergency of impairment conditions be sent to the building owner/authorized representative and to the building occupant within 24 hours of inspection.

When does a fire sprinkler system receive new tags?

New inspection tags are issued upon the completion of each new inspection and test of the fire sprinkler system. New tags should be placed in a way that does not hamper activation or operation of the system.

Yellow and red tags are replaced as soon as the repairs are made, or issues resolved that cause a system to be out of compliancy.

How long should compliancy records be kept?

All records of inspections, tests, and maintenance of a building’s fire sprinkler system and components are required to be maintained on-site for review for a minimum of three years.

Inspection tags are only to be removed by an authorized representative of a licensed fire sprinkler contractor.

What should I do if I receive a yellow or red tag?

If your fire sprinkler system has been tagged with a yellow non-compliant or red impaired tag, it is essential the buildings occupants be notified immediately. It is the responsibility of the building owner/occupant to send a copy of the inspection report to the authority having jurisdiction.

 It’s also crucial that repairs are completed as soon as possible.

Fire Systems, Inc. provides both a detailed inspection report and deficiency report (if needed) with all noncompliant items and/or impairments. Our software system keeps track of when inspections are due, so you never have to worry about being late on required inspections. We can also provide training in the proper use and maintenance of your system.

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