It’s imperative for safety managers to stay compliant with life and fire safety standards. Particularly for larger industrial facilities, the job of the safety manager to ensure a safe working environment in warehouses, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and nuclear facilities is a critical role.

Not only are employees and equipment at risk during a fire, insurance rates and workers’ compensation rates may also go up if the facility is not properly protected. There may be many fire protection companies to choose from, but not all of them can offer the services and quality provided by Fire Systems, Inc.

One company to handle it all

One of the most significant benefits for safety managers who work with Fire Systems is the advantage of communicating with only one company.

Many of our systems are integrated, so if a problem arises with either sprinkler system or fire alarm devices, Fire Systems technicians can address both issues. You’ll never hear us tell you to call the other company, because we do it all.

This integration alleviates any miscommunication between companies and simplifies the process for safety managers. It also helps to have only one invoice to manage.

Flexible schedule & fast response times

Fire safety should always come first, so we focus on catering to the scheduling needs of our clients.

Unlike other fire protection companies, Fire Systems is willing to schedule inspections, repairs, and installations during holidays, weekends, early mornings, and late afternoons. We’re always available via phone or email to answer any questions and try to schedule jobs within a couple of days instead of weeks away.

Experience working with industrial clients in many sectors

Fire Systems, Inc. has been serving Atlanta and the surrounding communities since 1986. We have dedicated technicians in all fire protection divisions including sprinkler, fire alarm, and suppression.

Fire Systems works with industrial clients across all sectors, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and nuclear facilities. We’re well-versed in all things fire protection, so safety and facility managers trust us when it comes to the safety and protection of their most valuable assets.

Competitive pricing and unbeatable quality

We pride ourselves in providing some of the best fire protection service in Georgia, all while offering competitive pricing. Our decades of experience have helped us to earn our reputation for quality.

Popular Services Requested:

  • Sprinkler inspections and installations
  • Design and engineering of sprinkler systems
  • Fire alarm monitoring and Fire Alarm Installation
  • Retrofits
  • Clean Agent Suppression including CO2

Recent Work Completed:

  • Fire Alarm Inspection in Douglasville, GA
    A supplier of materials for maintenance and repair operations needed an annual fire alarm inspection on their newly built distribution facility. The inspection took four days and two technicians. The building had about 200 devices. This is the largest single structure Fire Systems has ever inspected.
  • Sprinkler System Install in Cornelia, GA
    A company that specializes in the manufacturing of medical tools used in various surgical procedures sought the expertise of Fire Systems, Inc. to complete the installation of a wet system in their warehouse. 36 sprinkler heads were used to design the wet sprinkler system. The interesting thing about this job site is that the warehouse is divided into a mechanical room and a mechanical shop. Aside from designing and installing their new wet system, we also conduct all of their annual inspections.

To learn more about our fire protection services and recent projects completed visit our website or call 770-333-7979 to schedule a free consultation.