Keeping up with fire inspections and maintaining the safety of your building can be stressful if you’re working with the wrong fire protection company. It’s important to choose a full-service fire protection company that will manage your upcoming inspections for you and keep records of all your inspections, installations, and repairs.

Enjoy fire protection peace of mind

When you choose to work with the expert technicians at Fire Systems to handle your annual inspections, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that your business is a safe place to work that also meets code requirements.

Our skilled technicians and knowledgeable management know what violations to look for and have established relationships with fire marshals from many jurisdictions.

We’re also an all-services company, meaning that we’re able to install all types of systems for sprinkler, alarm, vehicle, extinguisher, suppression and exit lighting. Choosing Fire Systems, Inc. means that you’ll enjoy all fire protection services from one company.

Make your system green tag/clean report ready

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a green tag or clean report after an inspection, we can guarantee that we’ll provide the most thorough inspection and any necessary repairs if you have a yellow or red tag.

Once we identify any deficiencies or code violations, you can rest assure that our expert technicians will work to resolve any issues in a prompt and efficient manner so that you’ll be green tag or clean report ready.

Keep the Fire Marshal at bay

The Fire Marshal is normally in charge of conducting building inspections and enforcing any code violations. Upon arrival, the Fire Marshal will request copies of inspection reports from your fire protection vendor.

That’s why it’s important to work with a company who has experience working with fire marshals from different counties and knows what they look for. It’s also important for your fire protection company to be familiar with the fire code and safety ordinances required for your type of business, whether it’s a manufacturing plant, apartment building, chemical plant, or assisted living facility.

Deal with fewer vendors

At Fire Systems, we pride ourselves in saying that we’re the only fire protection company you’ll ever need because we offer inspections and installations of fire alarm, sprinkler, extinguisher, vehicle, suppression, and exit lighting. We even offer fire alarm monitoring and fire extinguisher training.

Fire Systems never uses sub-contractors to complete any inspections or installation. Our very own highly-trained technicians are the only ones who will ever perform work on your system. Even our billing process is streamlined so you only have a single invoice paid to a single company.

Receive comprehensive inspection reports

All our inspection reports are highly detailed and include information such as:

• The NFPA code referenced and edition used
• A count of how many devices are in the building
• Whether each device passed/failed and the address/location of every device

An attached observation report will also come with your inspection report. This report will list any deficiencies noted during the inspection, along with a quote for any repairs. Deficiencies are never listed on the inspection report so that any issues can be taken care of separately.

And when it’s time for your next inspection, Fire System offers automated renewal. Our sophisticated software can track your next inspection to make it easier to schedule future inspections ahead of time.

Access to our long-tenured management team of fire protection professionals

We’ve been around for over three decades, which means we’re fire protection experts who are thoroughly trained to safeguard your personnel, property, and business continuity from the threat of fire.

Our managers have an average tenure of 24 years with Fire Systems, so we’re able to handle almost any challenge. Our well-rounded team are knowledgeable in all things relating to fire protection, ensuring the best solutions for your business.

Choose the company that does it all. Call Fire Systems, Inc. today at 770-333-7979 or visit our website.