Combustible waste, without proper disposal, can ignite devastating fires. Organizations like the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provide guidelines for the management of combustible waste. See what this means for your business, what Georgia law dictates about combustible waste, and how to prevent related issues.

What is combustible waste?

Combustible waste can be any of these different, and maybe unexpected, materials: flammable liquids, everyday trash, shredded paper, fallen trees, overgrown weeds, and more. Most fire laws call disposal of these items in specific, designated locations. Improper disposal of combustible waste increases the risk of fire breaking out at your facility.

Georgia Combustible Waste Laws

The Georgia State Minimum Fire Prevention Code calls for the following, at minimum, regarding combustible waste:

  • In general, combustible waste should be kept to a minimum, stored in covered metal containers, and disposed of daily.
  • Storage tanks should be clearly labeled, and storage areas should have signs prohibiting smoking and open flames.
  • Incompatible materials should be separated when stored.
  • Automatic fire suppression systems may be required in the storage areas of combustible wastes.
  • Using storage/waste receptacles made of combustible materials such as wood is prohibited.
  • Grass/weeds/brush/debris should not accumulate anywhere on the premises.

What does this mean for businesses?

Business owners and facility managers must pay particular attention to the disposal and management of combustible waste. Not only will this help keep your business in compliance with local fire codes and laws, but it will increase the safety of your building by decreasing the chance of combustible waste catching fire. These codes may cause storage issues depending on the operations and materials housed in your facility, but the benefits of adhering to them far outweigh the inconvenience.

How to Prevent Issues 

Working with an all-services fire protection company like Fire Systems, Inc. can take the headache out of combustible waste management. Highly trained technicians will assess your business’s unique fire protection needs and create a proper fire protection system to suppress flames should a fire occur in your facility. They can also help ensure your building stays updated with local fire codes.

Fire Systems, Inc.

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