Your business could benefit from a water mist system if your building contains high-value assets that the large amounts of water distributed by traditional sprinkler systems could damage. These fire suppression systems can be a great option for businesses on a tighter budget, as installation costs can be lower than traditional wet sprinkler systems. Water mist systems are also good for businesses with a limited water supply, as they can be installed as stand-alone units.

What is a water mist suppression system?

A water mist system is a fire suppression system that uses highly pressurized water to extinguish, suppress, or control flames. The difference between these systems and traditional sprinkler systems is the size of the water droplet. According to NFPA 750, to be considered a water mist suppression system, the operating water pressure must be 500 psi or greater, producing droplets smaller than 1,000 microns.

How does it work?

The fact that the water droplets emitted by this system are smaller than 1,000 microns means that the system is able to disperse a higher number of droplets to extinguish flames. This higher number of droplets creates a larger water surface area. The more water surface area that is exposed to heat means more drops will evaporate. This evaporation creates steam that absorbs even more heat and displaces oxygen in the area, starving the fire and quickly cooling the surrounding area. As a result, this reduces the risk of fire spreading, growing, or reigniting.

What are the benefits?

Water mist suppression systems are appropriate to extinguish nearly every class of fire. Using less water to extinguish flames often translates to less damage to supplies, equipment, and even the building itself. Water mist suppression systems work well in spaces such as museums, archives, data centers, industrial fires, hotels, and more. The risk of water damage is often higher in these spaces, making a water mist system an excellent choice.

As mentioned, these systems can be less costly to install than traditional systems, as the lower water requirement allows for the use of pipes of a smaller diameter. They are also less expensive to recharge after use, as water is typically cheaper than common fire fighting agents.

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