A vehicle fire suppression system is a fire protection system that’s built to extinguish fires on heavy machinery vehicles of varying types. From haulers to compactors and beyond, these systems detect and suppress fire that may occur on heavy machinery far faster than any human could, minimizing damage to your equipment and injury to operators. Most vehicle fires start in the engine area, which is an area that is typically hidden away from plain view. The dangers associated with engine fires are vast, and more common than you may think. You can think of a vehicle fire suppression system as the smoke or fire detector, sprinkler system, and fire alarm system of a piece of heavy machinery. 

Are there different types of vehicle fire suppression systems?

Yes. There are three different types of vehicle fire suppression systems: wet, dry, and dual-system. The system type you choose will depend on the type of machinery you are seeking to protect.

Wet systems 

Wet vehicle fire suppression systems use a liquid fire suppressant to extinguish the fire and cool down the engine and surrounding area. These systems are great for vehicles with turbocharged engines, as they run at a very high temperature and will need cooling should they catch fire.

Dry systems 

Dry fire suppression systems disperse a concoction of dry fire fighting agents to extinguish the fire by smothering it and starving the fire of oxygen. Dry systems work well for off-road construction and mining equipment.


Dual-systems make use of both wet and dry agents to suppress fire. The dry agent is used to smother and extinguish flames while the liquid agent cools the area to prevent reignition. These systems are commonly used on mining equipment, off-road construction, waste management vehicles, and forestry trucks.

Why are vehicle fire suppression systems important?

Vehicles and heavy machinery require highly flammable liquids such as fuel, oil, and hydraulic acid to function. Because of this, they are at a greater risk of catching fire. These heavy-duty vehicles and machinery are often extremely expensive and business could be possible without them. By having a vehicle fire suppression system installed to quickly extinguish damaging flames, you’re limiting the downtime of your machinery, avoiding costly repairs, preventing injury of the vehicle’s operator, and potentially keeping insurance costs down.

Why is Fire Systems, Inc. the best choice for vehicle fire suppression installation?

With nearly 40 years of experience, Fire Systems, Inc. is known as one of the most competent vehicle fire suppression installation companies in the southeast. Not only do we install these systems, but we also service, maintain, inspect, and train your employees on how to use them. All installations, services, and inspections are completed by highly trained Fire Systems, Inc. technicians and never any sub-contractors. 

In addition to vehicle fire suppression systems, Fire Systems, Inc. also installs and services fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, extinguishers, facility fire suppression systems, exit lighting, and more.

Fire Systems, Inc is an all-service fire protection company that has been family-owned and operated since its start in 1986. Give us a call at 770-333-7979 or contact us online for any of your fire suppression needs.

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