In the spring of 2021, Notifier announced their new suite of fire safety tools: Notifier Self-Test series of detectors, Notifier Inspire™ fire control systems, and Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS). Notifier Self-Test is the first UL-approved detectors that can be tested automatically, Notifier Inspire is a fully networkable life safety system that works to unlock access to Notifier’s self-testing detection, and Honeywell CLSS provides remote system visibility right from your phone or desktop computer.

This three-pronged approach to fire detection and prevention is one of the most efficient, intuitive, and customizable fire alarm systems on the market today. Consider the features of these new tools and find out if this innovative system is right for you.


 The Notifier Inspire panel is designed to grow with your business with scalable options all via a single control panel.

You can expand your system by either adding additional buildings or increasing functionality without the need for any additional hardware, or additional costs.


Did you know that Notifier’s self-test series of detectors are the first UL detectors that can be tested automatically? Not only is this feature more convenient but it’s also safer since the fire alarm system can continue to detect fire even during maintenance testing. If a true fire occurs during testing, the panel will be notified.

Another safety feature is the remote view of your facility that can be used to locate problems and offer important troubleshooting information. With Honeywell’s CLSS, you have a remote bird’s eye view of your facility that your fire protection company can access, which can mean faster repair time and a more tailored approach to troubleshooting that helps techs diagnose problems before they even step foot on your facility.


With this new fleet of fire protection tools, gone are the days of arranging for full access for technicians to come on-site several times a year. Instead, techs can simply execute a functional self-test and then perform a quick visual inspection from outside of the room. This method of testing is simpler all around, with fewer disruptions. In short, it’s a low maintenance, highly efficient method of maintaining your fire alarm system.

In addition to simpler testing, you’ll also experience a smoother and more efficient reporting process. Honeywell’s CLSS generates digital compliance reports anytime you need them, in comparison to manual transcription which can take days to process and get to your AHJ. The process is all around much more streamlined, which most facilities managers and business owners can agree, is a huge added benefit.

Is Notifier’s new suite right for me?

Notifier is a leader in the fire protection industry, and well-respected among fire protection companies. Fire Systems, a distributor for Notifier and can help you determine what fire alarm options would be best for your needs. This new system is incredibly intuitive, easy to use, and aesthetically appealing. Technicians will have access to more in-depth knowledge of your system making maintenance and repairs more efficient and thorough. You don’t want to take a gamble on the safety of your facility. Let Fire Systems walk you through your fire alarm system options. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and have the knowledge and expertise you’re looking for in a fire protection company. Contact us today at 770-333-7979 or visit our website for more information.

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