2020 has been…. well, it’s been a year. Many of us are more than ready to ring in the coming of a new year. But as we look to celebrate the passing of a year like none other, we also want to stay safe.

More people will be celebrating from home due to COVID, which means an increase in amateur fireworks usage and smaller at-home gatherings. People are also getting creative with the way in which we ring in 2021. Here are some tips on how to safely welcome this new year.

Follow fireworks safety tips

According to the CPSC 2019 Fireworks Annual Report, fireworks were involved with an estimated 10,000 injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments during 2019. This report also details the most dangerous fireworks. Among the top of these are: sparklers, bottle rockets, and roman candles.

Before putting together your home display this year, consider these important fireworks safety tips:

  • Only purchase fireworks from a licensed vendor
  • Read the directions on fireworks before use
  • Inspect fireworks/firecrackers for defects
  • Keep a bucket of water or hose close by
  • Never light fireworks indoors
  • Ignite fireworks away from structures, overhanging trees, or other combustible materials

Get a ride home, safely

COVID has affected the rideshare industry. Fewer people are taking UBER or Lyft for fear of infection and there are fewer drivers. If you plan to be out this holiday, plan ahead for a safe way to get home. You may not be able to find a taxi or rideshare this year. Plan accordingly!

If you do take an UBER or Lyft home, be mindful of new guidelines. You may be asked to wear a mask while in the car.

Never celebrate with gunfire

It seems that every year, there are news reports about people struck by gunfire during New Year’s Eve celebrations. It goes without saying that guns should never be used to celebrate the new year.

Celebratory gunfire is never safe. Fireworks are allowed on New Year’s Eve and into New Year’s Day until 1 a.m. If you want to celebrate with a boom, choose to shoot off fireworks, and do it safely!

Ways to celebrate the New Year in Atlanta

 If you’re in the local Atlanta area, there are a few outdoor events still going on in addition to virtual and at-home events. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sign your family up for a virtual game show hosted by Main Event and Two Bit Circus
  • Take a night drive through the Candy Rush light display at White Water Six Flags
  • Attend the New Year’s Eve Bash at The Battery
  • Check out New Year’s Eve in the Garden, hosted by Atlanta Botanical Gardens