Notifier Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) is a new and innovative software program by Honeywell. The CLSS program allows fire protection companies, who are certified Notifier distributors, to get alerts directly from customers’ fire alarms in the event of an issue.

This smart software by Honeywell places connectivity at the core of fire safety, providing critical visibility to drive timely and accurate decision making, saving building owners time and money.

What is CLSS Gateway?

 The CLSS Gateway is Honeywell Fire’s interface connecting to a Honeywell fire system panel or network, serving as a portal between the panel, the Cloud, and peripheral devices. The CLSS Gateway enables reading the connected device system inventory from one panel or a network of panels and transmitting this data to the Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) Cloud.

Per Honeywell’s “Features & Benefits,” this software:

  • Connects directly to NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Control Panels or a network of FACPs
  • Easily connects between the Gateway and CLSS CheckPoint mobile application
  • Uses BlueTooth® mobile pairing for Gateway Configuration and Control capability
  • Features panel connection options include Standalone Panel, Networked Panel, and Standalone with Digital Voice Control
  • Can be used for portable or permanently installed applications

Less down time due to repair

The remote capabilities of the CLSS software means that fire alarm techs can better plan for repairs or service calls more effectively. Techs can see exactly what’s going on with the fire alarm panel, right from their smart device. Think of the time you’d save if you didn’t have to wait to find out when something actually goes wrong, call in the issue, and wait for a tech to arrive to begin troubleshooting the issue.

Not only does this software result in faster detection of issues and speedier repair times, it can also pre-emptively catch potentially serious issues with your building’s fire alarm system.

More accurate troubleshooting

It can take precious moments to figure out issues with a building’s fire alarm system. The Notifier CLSS software addresses this pain point, with a connected software system that can result in more accurate and timely troubleshooting. There are many benefits to more precise and detailed information that the CLSS software provides to fire alarm techs.

Adam W., fire alarm service manager for Fire Systems, Inc., explains the benefits of accurate troubleshooting: “If I see a customer show up with three smoke detectors in trouble, if that customer called in, they would say they had a trouble and it said something about a smoke detector. That’s about all the information we get most of the time. This software allows me to tell the technician that it is three smoke detectors so he can make sure he has them before going, and I can give him exact locations.”

Saves time and money

Since the CLSS system also logs every fire alarm event, fire alarm techs can use these logs during inspections to print out a list of everything tested upon completion without having to write everything down or check anything off.

This process can take a two-person inspection to a one-person inspection thereby saving your fire protection company a lot of labor. These savings can then by passed on to the customer.

Fire alarm techs are better prepared when going on service calls if they know exactly what they’re walking in to. Better preparation also means fewer trips and less downtime.

Less work and worry for the customer

On the customer side of things, the only noticeable difference of having the CLSS system is the internet connectivity. The CLSS software basically makes the customer’s fire alarm connected to the internet so that they can receive notifications of activity going on with the system. The software could also potentially save customer’s money because it communicates more information to fire alarm techs which will lead to a more efficient use of labor to address any issues.

“We have a dashboard at the office where we can see all of customers that have this device installed, so we may be able to dispatch a technician to repair a system before the customer is aware something is going on. And for some of our property management companies that manage a lot of properties they’re not physically at, this could be especially helpful,” explains Adam.

How can I get the CLSS system?

To get the CLSS software system hooked up, a fire alarm tech has to install a little gateway at the fire alarm panel. This is just a small plastic box that mounts next to the panel and then ties into the customer’s Ethernet Network or Wi-Fi.

Honeywell is also expected to be coming out with a straight to cell network software system next year as well.

Fire Systems, Inc. is a certified Notifier distributor. This means that we are one of the only local fire protection companies that can offer this smart CLSS software system. Notifier has been a leader in the fire alarm industry for over 60 years. They are now the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm system with over 400 distributors worldwide.

Our fire alarm technicians are trained directly by Notifier so you can be confident that you’re getting the most skilled technicians in the industry for your system install and inspections. Call Fire Systems, Inc. today at 770-333-7979 or visit our website to find out more on all of our fire alarm system offerings.