When used properly, fire extinguishers are very effective at putting out small fires. Ensuring that everyone understands the basics of fire extinguisher use is what matters most.

Incorrect use of a fire extinguisher may spread the fire or enable re-ignition. Proper fire extinguisher training will teach individuals to identify which types of extinguishers may be used on specific “classes” of fire. Training also enables individuals to assess whether a fire is manageable or an emergency situation.

Required for safety and compliancy

OSHA requires that all employees should be educated on the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the hazards involved with incipient stage fire-fighting.

This education must be provided to employees upon employment and conducted annually thereafter.

OSHA also advises that “at a minimum, trainees should get the opportunity to discharge type(s) of portable extinguishers(s) they are designated to use as part of their training.”

Benefits of professional training

There are no requirements dictating who performs fire extinguisher training. The employer can conduct their own training; however, few employers have the time or skillset to conduct such lifesaving training.

Fire Systems offers a complete employee Fire Extinguisher Training program that can be conducted onsite using a digital simulator. This training is a service offered to all clients or anyone in need of a professional training program.

What to expect

With Fire Systems, training can take place wherever the employer would like, from conference rooms to break rooms.

Participants begin with an informative video followed by a Q&A session with one of our highly-trained Fire Systems employees.  Following the discussion, employees receive hands-on training using our digital trainer, the BullEx BullsEye laser driven extinguisher. This simulator allows users to aim and sweep the laser training extinguisher at LED driven digital flames. This means no clean-up associated with using dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers.

After the training, the employer will receive a certificate of attendance with the names of all attendees. This certificate should be kept per OSHA’s standards, but some employers may also receive insurance discounts by presenting this certification.

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