At Fire Systems Inc., we pride ourselves in saying that we’re the only fire protection company you’ll ever need. That’s because we offer installations and inspections in everything from sprinkler, fire alarm, vehicle, extinguisher, suppression, and even fire alarm monitoring.

Why is Fire Alarm Monitoring Important?

All fire alarm panels require fire alarm monitoring regardless of the size of the facility or business. It’s also important to have fire alarm monitoring in cases where there is no one available in the event of an emergency.

In the event of a fire or the accidental discharge of a sprinkler head for example, the fire alarm panel will send a signal to a reciever device at the monitoring company. It will then activate the dialer and automatically call the appropriate person. The monitoring company will then contact either you or the fire department directly depending on the emergency and give you more information.

Types of Backup and Why You Need Them

The NFPA requires two modes of signal transmission in the event of an emergency. The first is known as the primary backup, followed by the secondary backup. The primary backup serves as the main mode of transmission while the secondary is used when the first one malfunctions.
Traditionally, this meant that businesses were required to have two dedicated landlines to serve as the primary and secondary backup. However, with advancements in technology, most businesses are moving away from landlines and starting to use wireless communicators with sole path backup. Sole path backup combines the primary and secondary backup into one device that uses two different sim cards for signal transmission.

Types of Dialers We Offer
1. Wireless Communicators
-UL listed & FM Global approved
-connected to wireless internet connection
-easy to troubleshoot and extremely reliable
-uses sole path backup so does not require landlines

2. IP Communicators
-connected to Ethernet cable
-can be unreliable due to its dynamic IP address, meaning that the device’s IP address is constantly changing, which may interfere with signal transmission.
-does not require landlines for backup

3. Landline Communicators
-connected to landline service
-has become increasingly costly because phone companies no longer want to support monitoring service.
-requires two dedicated landlines as backup

Why choose Fire Systems, Inc.?

1. One company. One bill.
Using Fire Systems for monitoring and servicing means that you save money and headaches. You no longer have to keep track of multiple contractors or billing approvals. Also, you only have to remember one number when an emergency happens with your fire alarm panel(s).

2. Ability to warn you about potential issue ahead of time.
Through our partnership with Blue Ridge Monitoring, we’re able to stay in the loop about everything that happens with your fire alarm panels thanks to the daily reports that we receive. The reports contain a list of panels that did and did not send signals that day so we can always notify you of any issues.

3. Less hassle when a troubleshooting issue occurs.
If you use Fire Systems for servicing, but use a different company for fire alarm monitoring, it may be harder to resolve an issue with your fire alarm panel. This is because it is often difficult to obtain information from other monitoring companies. Using the same company means that there will be less hassles whenever any troubleshooting is needed.
Learn more about how we can help you with your fire alarm monitoring needs on our website or call us at 770-333-7979 to schedule a consultation.