Fire sprinkler heads have been around for decades and have constantly proved their effectiveness at protecting life and property. In fact, statistics show that sprinklers are 95% effective at controlling fires because they attack the seat of the fire directly.  There are  four main types of sprinkler heads:

  1. Pendent Sprinkler Heads

  • Hangs down from the ceiling
  • Sprays water downward in circular pattern to maximize coverage
  • Ideal for offices, hotels, and factories etc.
  1. Concealed Pendant Heads

  • Are located within the ceiling and are hidden by a cover plate
  • Works similar to a pendent sprinkler head after the cover plate falls off once it reaches 20˚F lower than fire sprinkler temperature
  • Ideal for places where aesthetic is a concern
  1. Upright Sprinkler Heads

  • Stands upright
  • Sprays water upward in a hemispherical pattern
  • Useful in buildings with exposed ceilings like mechanical rooms or hard to reach places like beams and ducts
  1. Side Wall Sprinkler Heads
  • Mounted on the side of wall, only have half of a deflector
  • Sprays water in half circle/crescent shape
  • Great for small rooms, hallways, and places sprinkler pipes run up walls

In addition to coming in different  types, other options such as temperature, finish, and response time are also available.

Fire Sprinkler Head Temperatures

Fire sprinklers are triggered once they reach a certain temperature, which is detected with the help of a glass bulb. The bulb is filled with a glycerin-based liquid that expands and breaks the bulb once a specified temperature is reached.

fire sprinkler head bulb temperatures chart

Standard vs. Quick Response Fire Sprinklers

The biggest difference between standard and quick response sprinklers is the size of the bulb. With a standard sprinkler, the bulb is slightly larger therefore it takes a little bit longer to work. A quick response sprinkler is a bit thinner and has a faster response time as its name implies.

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