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Fire Sprinkler System Service a must for your Atlanta business

A properly maintained and inspected fire sprinkler system will keep your Atlanta Business protected.  We’re Fire Systems Inc and we provide Fire Sprinkler System Service Atlanta Georgia.  Fire Sprinkler systems are required to be inspected annually. If you don’t remember when your system was last checked, you can find a tag on the riser that indicates the month and year of the last inspection. Don’t let that Fire Marshal hit you with a citation!

We provide FAST Onsite Fire Sprinkler Service!

Proper Fire Sprinkler Inspections

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Our highly trained technicians inspect and service all types of fire sprinkler systems:

Dry Sprinkler Systems

Wet Sprinkler Systems

PreAction Systems

Antifreeze Systems

Deluge Systems

Foam Sprinkler Systems

Water Misting Systems

Fire Pumps

Hydrant Inspections

Backflow Prevention Devices

Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems Atlanta

Fast Onsite Fire Sprinkler Inspections

We’re Fire Systems Inc. Established in 1986 with roots dating back to 1946, Fire Systems, Inc has earned a reputation of integrity, dependability, expertise and quality workmanship. Our managers have worked for Fire Systems for an average of over 20 years each. This kind of longevity results in a friendly and efficient customer relationship and helps us attract the best technicians possible. Over the decades, we have become a comprehensive resource for everything from inspections, installations, maintenance, training and engineering of any fire protection equipment you have or may need.

All Services One Company: imagine the benefits of eliminating multiple contacts, processing multiple purchase orders, approving multiple invoices and writing multiple checks. The responsibility of managing different vendors and code requirements is a logistical challenge that carries a significant amount of risk. Let us untangle the knot of multiple vendors.

When your services are bundled, we become more efficient. What does this mean for you? Every additional inspection is discounted. If we inspect your fire sprinkler system, for example, the additional inspection of extinguishers, fire alarm, kitchen systems, vehicle systems and exit lights will be discounted.

Protecting lives, property and business continuity is our mission.


Fire Sprinkler Design, Installation, Service, Repair, and Trouble Shooting. We’re Fire Systems Inc.

ALL Services ONE Company

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