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Does this story sound familiar? After working two jobs and putting yourself through Culinary School… and saving every nickel and take the bull by the horns and start living your dream.
You open a restaurant in Atlanta, but not just any restaurant. This is your place. This is your restaurant with your menu, ideas, and creations.
You put your heart and soul into every entree and your business is growing daily. Late Nights and Long Hours but true satisfaction for all your hard work.

Then One Day…

It’s the Early Morning Hours.

Your cell phone wakes you up. There was a Fire at your Restaurant.

Panic sets in.

Your mind drifts to your dream.. to your restaurant.

You rush out the door and head down to the restaurant. Your head is spinning and thoughts are racing.

When you arrive, the Fire Department walks up and tells you there is NO Damage.

What happen?

Your Restaurant Fire Suppression System had been serviced by Fire Systems Inc.

The Kitchen Fire Suppression System detected the FIRE and safely extinguished it.

Your Dreams did NOT go up in FLAMES!

Has Your Restaurant Fire Suppression System been properly serviced?

Commercial kitchens contain all the elements necessary for a fire. Grease and cooking oils provide the fuel. Oxygen is always available, and heat can come from a variety of sources like an open cooking flame or electrical shorts. Fire spreads quickly over cooking surfaces and to hard-to-reach areas like hoods, plenums, vents and ductwork.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are pre-engineered, UL 300 compliant, automatic systems that protect the following areas:

  • Kitchen hoods
  • Ducts
  • Plenums
  • Filters
  • Fryers
  • Griddles
  • Range Tops
  • Broilers
  • Char-broilers and Woks

In recent years, the development of high-efficiency cooking appliances and a switch to vegetable cooking oils have increased the threat and occurrence of fires that are more difficult to extinguish. Since many commercial kitchens operate long hours and are staffed with people untrained in firefighting, it is imperative to have a fire protection system that combines both automatic fire depletion and suppression.

These systems must be inspected routinely in accordance with NFPA 17A.  Call the Experts at Fire Systems Inc. We are Restaurant Fire Suppression System Experts. We make sure your Kitchen System will work in the event of a fire.

For Fast Onsite Restaurant Fire Suppression System Service, installation or repairs call Fire Systems Inc!

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